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Traditional archery has been a passion of mine since I was twelve years old.  Only shooting solely primitive and traditional as well as making my own bows I have become experienced in what makes a great traditional and primitive bow. Working with longtime friend Jim Boswell owner of Rudder Bows Archery, has afforded me the opportunity to provide the top of the line bows to hobbyist, hunters, and enthusiast.  I hope that this website will provide a unique window into learning more about building and acquiring your own traditional bows along with the experience of traditional archery.

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​Coeur d Alene, ID 83815


Is your favorite bow missing? Signature Bows is motivated to bringing the best traditional bows to our customers, so please emails us with any suggestions. Catch up on the latest coupons, demonstration videos, reviews and news by following Signature Bows on, Facebook & Twitter


The bows and bow building supplies are manufactured 100% in the U.S and have been supplying jobs to Americans for over 15 years.  Our products are made in the Rudderbows LLC bow shop in Ellensburg WA..


No rain-forests were harmed in the making of these bows. Our supplier, Rudder Bows Archery, has walked away from unsustainable and rare woods like Ipe and Yew for sustainable, farm raised woods. All our wood products, bows and arrows are ecologically responsible.


Our selection of bows were chosen for the archery enthusiast and the hunter. All of these bows are great for the archer who target shoots and goes to competitions, but carry the punch for hunting. For the archers who are need of the most powerful bows, we carry the Heavy English Warbow.