A little about us

Signaturebows is a traditional archery company that doesn't just promote traditional bows we promote a lifestyle that gets people outdoors to enjoy what is around them.  Whether it is Hunting, SCA, or just recreational shooting we want people outdoors and doing what they love.  We have set up a variety of social media outlets such as Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube to keep people involved. We encourage folks to post photos and stories of their great outdoor archery adventures on any of our social media outlets.
We also have an Ebay Store that holds a variety of longbows and archery equipment including bow building supplies for those who wish to take it to another level.
 Never hesitate to get out and enjoy life!
 Contact Info
Ellensburg, WA 98926

Key Points

 1. Is your favorite bow missing? Signature Bows is motivated to bringing the best traditional bows to our customers, so please emails us with any suggestions. Catch up on the latest demonstration videos, reviews and news by following SignatureBows on, Facebook & Twitter

2. The bows and bow building supplies are manufactured 100% in the U.S and have been supplying jobs to Americans for over 15 years.  The products are made in the Rudderbows LLC bow shop in Ellensburg WA.  We are able to procure these bows at nearly cost which allow us to promote archery to our followers at wholesale rates.

3. No rain-forests were harmed in the making of these bows. Our supplier, Rudder Bows Archery, has walked away from unsustainable and rare woods for sustainable, farm raised woods. All our wood products, bows and arrows are ecologically responsible.

4. Our selection of bows were chosen for the archery enthusiast, SCA archers and active hunters. All of our bows are great for shooting competitions and carry the punch for hunting. For the archers who need the most powerful bows, we carry the Heavy English Warbow just for you. If their is something specific you need email us and we'll see what we can do for you.  Also never hesitate to make offers on our bows.  We look at all offers and if we can put a bow in your hands we will.